19 mai – Conférence « Bernadotte: French-Swedish perspectives »


200 years ago, French Marshal Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte was elected as the successor to the Throne of Sweden. In honour of this occasion, the French Institute of Stockholm has invited both Swedish and French historians to debate on Bernadotte:

Herman Lindqvist, Olof Sjöström and Jean-François Berdah
Moderator: Dick Harrison

The seminar will be held in English at Börssalen, Swedish Academy (Svenska Akademien) on 19 May from 18:00 to 20:00.

Join us to discover or re-discover Bernadotte!
Refreshments will be served.

Register and read more on the website of the Embassy of France: http://ambafrance-se.org/france_suede/spip.php?article3061
It is also possible to register through e-mail: camille-marie.bas@diplomatie.gouv.fr or by phone: 08-4595315.

RSVP by 17 May. Please note that the number of seats is limited.

2 reflexions sur “19 mai – Conférence « Bernadotte: French-Swedish perspectives »

  1. Jean-Pierre LEVY

    Hello !

    I read in a Swedish book that after the death of Christian Augustus , we did not want problems with Napoleon in Sweden. Some Swedes wanted a French head of Sweden. As Napoleon was the great master of Europe, he wanted to put before Bernadotte adopted son, Eugene de Beauharnais. Eugene de Beauharnais was Catholic, refusing to become Protestant.
    Bernadotte became Protestant in arriving at Helsingborg in October 1810.

    Thanks to Otto Mörner Bernadotte became crown prince.
    Otto Mörner had a relative who had been captured by Bernadotte in Lübeck in 1806.

    Although treated by Bernadotte with other Swedish officers, who made this choice is that Bernadotte was chosen as crown prince.

    I’m wondering: Is Bernadotte spoke German?
    He never spoke Swedish and his son ,Oscar,was careful to help him in Swedish.

    Best regards